Dear Dr. Davis,

For 50 years I walked around self conscious about my smile, but no longer.   I have had at least a couple dozen compliments.  Friends don’t know what’s different about me, but say I look great.  Random people have said that I have a wonderful smile with “perfect teeth,” never following up with who did the work because they look so incredibly natural.

Now I feel just like another naturally blessed person with great teeth.  Thank you for making the process so easy.  I remain very grateful.

Much respect,

Michael R.



Dear Dr. Davis and Team,

One of my joys in life is finding and working with people who are the very best at what they do.  You and your entire staff fit well in that category.  Fortunately and sometimes unfortunately, I know and have appreciation for high quality.  From my first visit evaluation to my last, it has been a great experience.  I could tell early on that you were a perfectionist.  Eileen was as professional, proficient and perceptive as any medical assistant I have met, and I have about 3000 of them that I work with.  Please thank the entire team for a job well done.  I love my teeth! I will recommend you often.


Steve S.


You just finished my veneers today and I love them!  My lip is still numb so I can’t even get the full effect yet, but I love the shape and color.  Both look totally natural.  It has been a very long haul for me with a splint, braces, jaw surgery & now veneers but it was all worth it.  Thanks Dr. Davis!

P.S.  My husband is next, but he doesn’t know it yet!

Michelle L.


From the time I reached fifty years old, the only time I went to the dentist was when I had a problem with my teeth. Needless to say when I decided to go see Dr. Davis my teeth were in dire need of repair and maintenance. I knew that extensive work needed to be done to save my permanent teeth. After a complete review of my teeth, Dr. Davis put together a long-term plan to repair and rebuild my permanent teeth. I decided to let Dr. Davis do the necessary work outlined. Within six months Dr. Davis completed the reconstructive work on my teeth. I was very happy with the results and it changed my appearance and broadened my smile. Dr. Davis educated me on proper care to maintain and prevent other problems with my teeth. That was many years ago and since then I continued to see Dr Davis on any other problems that came up with my teeth. Dr. Davis treats every patient like they are his only patient and will do what ever is necessary and at any hour to handle an emergency with the teeth. I am very happy to have Dr. Davis as my dentist and have recommended several people to him.

Ron Matthews

Dr. Nicholas C. Davis and his wonderful team of professionals have been our dentist since he moved his practice to Eastbluff Village Center in Newport Beach in 1980. Since my early growing up years, my teeth have been an issue, compounded with playing football and such. Dr. Davis has been the perfect personal dentist for our family. Now, some 33 years later, both Sandy and I have attractive, functional and painless mouths. Yes, we are both 75 and have no dentures! A dedicated team of artisans and coaches have made us true believers. If you have any dental issues, make an appointment to consult with Dr. Davis. It is great to be in his hands.

Dick & Sandy Waitneight


To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing this amazing story in my appreciation for the highly accredited Dr. Nicholas C. Davis, D.D.S., M.A.G.D. (he even has more titles) and his Professional Staff. From my research and experience, the accreditation is an important factor in selecting your Dentist.

When I was growing up…I never had a cavity until I was sixteen years old. I grew up on the east coast and with my selected career path, I traveled and lived in many cities. I encountered many dentists in my relocations; all of whom used amalgam fillings.

Numerous fillings were just a patch that ultimately resulted in a pounding of my incorrect bite that wedged my tooth walls…resulting in splitting of the enamel, cracking teeth and discomfort. I became extremely sensitive to Doctors and their needles of local anesthetic.

Something had to be done to my teeth because they were cracking and breaking. I thought about this dental procedure for years.  I didn’t know which doctor to choose or if it would hurt. Only Doctor Davis and his highly qualified staff paid attention to my sensitivity in the past few years. My selection of Dr. Davis was the wisest decision of all.

We carved out a schedule on the calendar for my extensive procedure. However, he is so meticulous that we had to add a little more time to mold my mouth to a masterpiece (no complaints). I’d like to say he’s a meticulous craftsman but that is an inadequate description; he is a Master Sculptor.

The color, texture and shape look so natural. I was thinking I wanted a “super white” shade – my “Hollywood image.” The Doctor convinced me to try his choice of white and I could change it if I wanted. The doctor was correct in the color, shape and design. They are perfect. He knows what he is doing.

There was no discomfort. I actually looked forward to my next visit! That was never an experience with any other dentist.

People used to say I had a great smile, but I never thought so because of teeth spacing and metal fillings. I always tried to minimize my smile. What a loss. After Dr. Davis fixed my smile and removed all my metal fillings; I love to smile. I smile too much…of course that is impossible. I love my teeth and smile.

I have never felt so good about eating, chewing and smiling. I receive compliments all the time. Yet people don’t know exactly has changed with me. Thank you Dr. Davis.

I highly recommend Dr. Davis for any level of treatment or Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry.

Peter Kotlarz